It’s time to bring the hope of Jesus to our nation.

A series of online webinar-style dialogues with Christian leaders to equip you in all things mission and evangelism.

As we all continue to recover from the pandemic we recognise the immense openness of people in our communities who are seeking to make sense of the world, what we’ve been through, and the big cultural questions that swirl around us.

The Talking Jesus research shows that many of our non-Christian friends, across the UK, are asking big questions of life and faith but not always the ones that the Church is seeking to answer. The overriding question, emerging from the research, that people are asking is “Will everything be ok?” In light of this searching 1 in 3 people say that they are open to ongoing conversations with Christians about Jesus which, encouragingly, signifies a greater openness than even 5+ years ago.

Our upcoming 90-minute Perspective Online Conversation will address this reality and the theme of how to live out and share the good news in our challenging cultural conversations

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Saturday 14th October, 10am-11:30am as we think deeper around mission and evangelism in our current cultural climate.

Together, it’s time to see things from a new perspective.

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Our speakers

Jo Frost, director of communications and engagement at the Evangelical Alliance and co-director of the Being Human project and co-author of Being Human: A new lens for our cultural conversations.
Aaron is the Head of Mission at Fusion Movement and is passionate about catalysing the local Church to be at the forefront of student mission and to see a generation find hope in Jesus.
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